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Competition Team

Why do we attend Competition?

Participation in a dance competition provides a fun and exciting opportunity for dancers to work toward a common goal and to gain a sense of pride in their dance. It fosters loyalty, teamwork, studio spirit, a stronger sense of responsibility, and a higher level of performance skills. Dancers meet other dancers and teachers from around the nation and forge stronger bonds within their own studio. There are also great master classes available that allow students to learn from highly talented teachers—opportunities students would otherwise never get to have.

Who can join the Competition Team?

Anyone! Every dancer—any age and technical level—is welcome! Auditions are held and judged by staff; chosen students are issued a formal invitation within a few days of the actual audition.

What is involved for the dancer?

Dancers who audition and are accepted on the team are required to regularly attend at least 2 classes a week on different days. At least 3 classes a week are required for any dancer wishing to perform a solo. Included must be the competition class line-up and at least one class in their performing genre. (We strongly encourage one class be ballet if possible.) Dancers must faithfully attend chosen classes as well as scheduled rehearsals. The dancer’s invitation will indicate the student’s event level and available competition performing opportunities.

Dancers are responsible for costs such as event fees, costume fees, rehearsal time fees, travel & attendance fees. The studio makes no money off competitions and actually has to pay for any staff costs incurred. All participating dancers will receive a basic sponsor packet and are required to get at least the set dollar amount of $50.00 to help with studio costs. Any sponsor dollar amount beyond the required fee can be applied to off-set personal costume fees. These can be received from personal friends and family members as well as any businesses and can be made up of many different amount donations.

Competition Team requires a deep commitment to dance and other dancers on the team as well. If a dancer choses to accept the invitation they, and their parents, must understand the level of commitment and dedication required and sign the Competition Team Contract.

What are the competition levels and performance opportunities?

At Dancer Inc. Competition there are three levels at competition available for every age group: Future, Rising, or All Star. (Consider the divisions as a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.) Though this is based it on average years of “formal” dance training, we make the decision using a curved scale since our dancers are “extreme recreational”. Most of the studios attending Competition have dancers who take daily, and often many hours daily.

What are the awards given?

Awards at Dancer’s Inc. are Bronze, Silver, High Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum based on judged performance. There are also “Special Judge” awards that are given for a number of quirky reasons; i.e. we received an “Arm-ography” award for one of our Bollywood numbers and we just got a “Girl Power” for our Petite jazz number.

There are three judges who sit at a table in front of the stage to watch. They also take notes and audio tape corrections for us to have and give to dancers. Dancers receiving a Silver or higher are eligible to attend Nationals.

How does attendance of competition work?

A month or so before the official venue we are given a performance time and the dancer line-up number. We travel down and all meet at the performance venue at least two hours if possible before the dancer performs. Costumes and makeup will be coordinated prior to travel; the studio usually brings the majority of the costume for dancers. Each dance will be given their assigned responsibility for needed supplies. Often there are hotel discounts locally offered for dancers and we will apprise families of these.

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