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Our Policies

To ensure everyone is safe and has fun, please be sure to read and adhere to the policies below.

Each section includes important information. Please be sure to read all sections carefully. We'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

  • Competition Team
  • Cancelations
  • Attendance
  • Class Placement
  • Dress Code
  • Spring Performance
  • Class Behavior
  • General Rules

Competition Team

Competition Team is by audition or invitation only. Competition Team members are expected to have a serious commitment to the studio and will be required to take a minimum of two classes per week. See competition page for more details.


RDC follows the MSAD #28 school schedule for closing due to weather and some federal holidays.  Makeup classes will be scheduled, or class credited to next session, if classes are missed due to inclement weather or teacher unavailability.


If a student misses class due to illness, school commitment or family function etc., it is the student’s responsibility to make up that class at another class during the session.  If you are unsure of an appropriate class please check with staff.  Some absences may be excused at the Director’s discretion. There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes.

Class Placement

At RDC we feel strongly about establishing a strong technical foundation and place students accordingly.  Students are placed in class(es) by age group and ability. A student may be moved into a different class at the teacher’s discretion.

Dress Code

RDC requires certain attire for each class. See the class descriptions for specific dress code. Please no street clothes. Clunky jewelry should be left at home. Hair MUST BE WORN OFF THE FACE! Please have the appropriate shoes for each class. Socks are not a substitute for ballet shoes!

Spring Performance

RDC is known for our creative and entertaining Spring Performances held at the end of May. At RDC we have Showcases not “recitals” as we like to raise the barre on a typical performance. Students are not required to participate in the Spring Performance. Please note that participating in the Spring Performance will require some additional cost including a Performance Fee and Costume(s), as well as commitment to some additional rehearsals prior to and including Performance Week.

Class Behavior

While we are a family at RDC we still expect some general courtesies of our students. Please be on time for class. Advance notice of absences are greatly appreciated. Older students are expected to silence their cell phones and leave them in their dance bags until a break in-between classes. No gum!  Water breaks allowed at teacher’s discretion for classes over one 45 minutes.  Bottled water allowed in the studio for older students.  Please use the restroom prior to class.  Students leaving/entering class can be disruptive to classmates.

General Rules

*Parents are not allowed to view classes. This allows your student and classmates to have better focus on what they are learning without distractions. Sometimes our youngest students need a parent in the first few weeks of class. While we want our youngest dancers to be comfortable, we discourage parents from staying more than the initial week or two. Perspective students may arrange with the Director to watch a class.

*Parents and students are to read all notes sent home. Please frequently check the RDC Facebook Page, Email and the RDC Website for updates and important information.

*Students are responsible for all personal items—the studio cannot be held responsible for lost articles.

*Classes, Camps, and Workshops are subject to change depending upon attendance and interest.




COVID Policy:

Please sanitize your hands upon entering the studio at the station provided.

Masks to follow current CDC and State mandates

Social distancing will be enforced. Please be mindful of others while entering/exiting the studio.

Small Class Size

We will be disinfecting frequently touched studio surfaces, like ballet bars, between classes.


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